With interdisciplinary play and co-creation in mind, Ira has collaborated with a wide array of musicians, bands, artists, circuses, theatre troups, art spaces, and festival creators.

Past Performances / Residencies

October 2018: Contact dance concert at Earthdance, MA                                              Delicious Movement workshop with Eiko Otake

June 2018: Maaltuin Botanical Garden Utrecht performances, Utrecht, Netherlands.

April 2018: Performance at Snug Harbor, New Orleans, with James Singleton Quintet

March 2018: Cosmic String Looping Panoply with Martin Masakowski at VisionFest benefiting Louisiana Himalayan Association in New Orleans, LA.

January 2018: Violin for Russell Welch Hot Quintet during Marigny Opera Ballet Jazz Ballet Series in New Orleans.

February – April 2018: Host and Creator of Sound Seekers Salon Intimate Concert Series at Art Klub in New Orleans.

October 2017: Violin for Zoppé Italian Family Circus in Fort Bragg, CA

August 2017: Artist and Performer in Residence at l’espace des possibles Tantra & Arts colony outside Meschers sur Gironde, FR. Facilitated workshops on improvisation and unlocking the inner child creator. Performed marimba and violin for Contact dance.

July 2017: Sea Clown Sailing Circus tour of the Ionian Sea with Smoking Time Jazz Club searching for a sustainable way of circus life and promoting positive social change!

August 2015: Piano and Drum for physical theatre duo The Incredible Incredible at Edmonton Fringe Festival.

March – May 2015: Tour of Southern China with Gypsy Jazz Guitarist Adrien Tarraga. Children’s music instructor in Dali China.

July 2012: 3 week Transylvanian folk music workshop in Kalotaszentkiralyi music camp, Sâncraiu, ROU