Ira Echo is a violinist, dancer, and composer living in New Orleans, LA. Ira travels the world performing for musical, dance, and theatre events. With their foundation in folk fiddling styles, jazz improvisation, clowning and physical theatre Ira blends many disciplines into his solo and collaborative performances. As a product of their world travels and the family record collection Ira’s music marries jazz, Transylvanian, Appalachian, Scandinavian, classical and folk styles. Currently Ira is working on a solo show incorporating dance and looping compositions. Ira is also collaborating with native New Orleanian bassist Martin Masakowski on an album of bass and violin duets.

Ripples and Waves

Ripples and Waves is Ira’s new collection of compositions written with the movement of improvisational dancers in mind. The pieces can be performed solo on violin, voice & piano, or with accompanying musicians. Their structure embodies the natural dynamic and energetic flow of a group of dancers meeting one another in creative spontaneous physical dialogue. This work is inspired by Contact Improv dance culture and the compatibility improvisational music and dance share. In Contact Improvisation dancers work to cultivate alertness in an energetic state of physical disorientation, trusting in their physical survival instincts. Ripples and Waves is Ira’s attempt to cultivate alertness in a state of musical distortion, trusting in their musical survival instincts.